My name is Varun Murali.

I am currently a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania working on hierarchical semantic mapping, planning and tasking for robots in the wild.

More about me

Recent News:

• September '23: I defended my thesis titled "Perception-aware planing for differentially flat robots"! 

• November '22: I am giving the robotics seminar at Cornell about our work on "Perception-aware planning for fast and agile robots"

• June '20: Our work on "Joint Feature Selection and Time Optimal Path Parametrization for High Speed Vision-Aided Navigation" is accepted to appear at IROS

• January '22: Our work on "A Planted Clique Perspective on Hypothesis Pruning." is accepted to appear in RA-L!

• December '21: Completed the Kaufman Teaching Certificate at MIT.

• May '21: Completed my thesis proposal.

• January '21: Our work on "6D Object Pose Estimation with Pairwise Compatible Geometric Features" is accepted to appear at ICRA!

• August '20: Our work on FlightGoggles is featured on MIT spectrum!